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         中文   | English   TEL:0472-5880855

    About us

    Baotou Xinyuan Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional service company which integrates maintenance, accessories, upgrading, transformation and technical services in order to make the anchor machine users use the anchor machine better. Our company's service and technical support for the windlass run through the whole service life cycle of the equipment. The company's employees have professional experience in the application of windlass. Since 2008, he has been engaged in the training of theory and field application of windlass, disassembly and assembly of the whole machine, on-site fault handling, technical support for overhaul of windlass, independent overhaul of windlass, transformation of windlass, translation of technical data, etc. From 2010 to 2014, he participated in more than 30 major repair, item repair, disassembly and assembly of equipment, maintenance of core components and other projects with foreign technicians in Shendong maintenance center, and his technical level and strength have been fully recognized by customers. With the gradual increase of the utilization rate of anchor digger, the price of spare parts, supply cycle, communication efficiency and other factors of foreign companies greatly restrict the exertion of the working advantages of anchor digger. In view of the current situation, our company adheres to the purpose of "solving the needs of users", relying on more than ten years of professional and technical services of employees, reasonable parts prices and charges, and perfect equipment solutions to make your anchor digging machine more economical and comfortable to use. Our company can carry out the following services:

    1、 Suggestions on professional service

    Windlass is an imported equipment with excellent performance. According to the characteristics of the equipment and site conditions, our company can formulate reasonable operation and maintenance procedures for users, or contract the daily maintenance work, so as to minimize the downtime rate of the equipment and give full play to the advantages of rapid tunneling.

    2、 On site troubleshooting

    With our staff's decades of experience in the maintenance and repair of the windlass, as well as professional testing platform, we can make a correct judgment on the fault location of the windlass in the shortest time, and give reasonable suggestions, so that your equipment can be re run in the shortest time.

    3、 Electronic control system parts supply and maintenance

    Due to the high price of accessories and long delivery period of accessories in foreign companies, our company has developed most of the electrical control system accessories of anchor digger, and accepted maintenance Commission and other business. The global purchase of developed parts belongs to original parts, not imitation parts.

    4、 Upgrading of electric control system

    The system or structure with potential safety hazards can be upgraded or transformed to make your equipment more reliable.


    TEL:0086 13904727094    E-MAIL: cumt_liwei@163.com

    Company address:Room 1202, Block C, Times Square, Rare Earth High-tech Zone, Baotou, Inner Mongolia, China



    Baotou Xinyuan Mining Machinery Co. Ltd

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